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Rally The Body's Natural Defense During Cancer Treatment With Nutrition

Cancer is a severe catabolic inflammatory disease that can cause patients to experience weight loss and weaken the body’s immune system defense against other infections.

Proper nutrition is essential to ensure the body has optimal strength and can cooperate symbiotically with a cancer treatment plan. Here are four reasons why nutrition is crucial when undergoing cancer treatment: 

  1. It helps to Maintain Energy. Cancer care and treatment can be physically exhausting. Good nutrition is vital to maintain strength and energy because cancer treatment is tough on the body. In addition, it’s essential if experiencing side effects such as a lack of appetite or nausea. In this case, it’s vital to use supplemental nutritional support.
  2.  Supports The Immune System. Cancer destroys the immune system, but proper nutrition can help support the body’s natural defense system and protect the body against infections.
  3. Better Management of Side Effects. Several cancer treatments cause intense side effects such as nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea, making it challenging to get enough nutrients. However, proper nutrition can significantly reduce these during treatment.
  4. Improves Treatment Outcomes.  A study done by the National Library of Medicine  indicated that good nutrition can improve treatment options for cancer patients. For example, one study found that people with advanced pancreatic cancer who received nutritional support had a higher quality of life than those who did not. Nutritional support includes eating proteins, “good” fats, complex carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.

Most cancer treatments and side effects make eating or maintaining weight difficult.

Marc Shuman, M.D., President of Medical Affairs at MORE Health and Emeritus Chief of the Division of Hematology & Oncology, said, "Several phases of cancer care are improved by good nutrition and nutritional supplementation.” Shuman pointed out, "Many cancer patients have a history of loss of appetite (anorexia) and/or weight loss. Moreover, chemotherapy and radiation are frequently associated with these same symptoms resulting in additional weight loss and inadequate nutrition. In addition, patients requiring major surgery have a post-operative decrease in appetite and/or stomach and bowel abnormalities, resulting in weight loss.”

Therefore, with proper nutrition and nutritional supplementation the deliberating health issues associated with cancer and its treatment could significantly improve the patient’s well-being, he said.

An excellent substitution is a nutritional protein powder, such as Herman Organic’s RecoverEZThis protein powder is physician-formulated by a top oncologist for patients during cancer treatment or to use for pre- and post-surgery nutrition assistance.

This delicious, comprehensive formula contains 31 nutritional elements, vitamins, and minerals essential to helping regain dietary deficiencies caused by severe health issues. This formula includes 18 grams of a mix of Whey, Organic Pea Protein, and Organic Rice Protein per serving. Mix it with water or add it to smoothies to help address nutritional deficiencies that might be lacking with cancer treatment.